Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Steamed Up Secrets and Caffeine Spills: An Unexpected Love Brew on Karan Johar’s Couch

On the much-anticipated episode of Koffee With Karan 8, renowned filmmaker Karan Johar stirs the cup with his favourite students, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. The reunion of the trio who shared screen space in the blockbuster hit ‘Student of the Year’ sent fans into a frenzy.

Alumni and first-benchers of the Johar’s couch, Sidharth and Varun take their seats after a decade long anticipation, setting the stage for an thrilling rollercoaster ride. The episode begins with Varun heartily imploring Karan to keep the sacred ties of their chummy bonds intact.

The camaraderie Silently whispered throughout the past decade illuminates the set as Sidharth unveils fond remembrances of their early years as assistant directors on the set of ‘My Name Is Khan.’ Even recalling how Varun’s charming tactics lured many with the irresistible promise of a photo with king of hearts, Shah Rukh Khan.

As Karan delved deeper into the treasure trove of the past, hinting at sizzling affairs with the costume department, a playful Varun drew comparisons between Karan and a character named ‘Ghar Tode’ in his father’s film.

Coming full circle, the students turned tables on their mentor with Sidharth asking about Karan’s three best friends in Bollywood, while Varun sought advice on winning Salman Khan for a movie deal. Amid bouts of laughter and hearty exchanges, the beloved Rapid Fire round spotlighted Varun’s noteworthy ‘bubble butt’, as Karan words it with a hearty chuckle.

This thrilling episode, which aired on Disney Hotstar, had fans abuzz with excitement, prompting them to eagerly tune in for more koffee-induced candidness from their beloved celebs.


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